Geraniotis Beach Hotel
Geraniotis Villa
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GERANIOTIS BEACH HOTEL management’s highest priority is  the pleasant stay of the guests and also the safety and health of our guests and staff. In response to this, we reviewed and enhanced our existing health and safety procedures and developed a new safety protocol, in compliance with Greece’s Hotel Safety Protocols.
Our goal is to enhance the trust and safety of our guests.
The enhanced measures our Hotel is implementing include the following:

Team members (staff) Training
•    All employees have received training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols according to their job description. Ongoing Training is predicted, in case updated protocols arise.
•    Signage are posted throughout the staff areas  reminding employees of the proper way to wear and handle face masks, usage of gloves, wash hands and avoid touching their faces.
•    Hotel Logbook
For public health protection actions, GERANIOTIS BEACH will keep an updated log of all staff members and all guests that have stayed in the hotel - name, nationality, arrival and departure dates, contact information (address, phone number, e-mail) - in order to reach out to close contacts of any COVID-19 case, that might be later discovered.
Attention will be given to the General Data Protection Regulation and that all guests will be informed αbout the hotel log book for public health protection purposes.

Personal Protective Equipment
•    All employees are provided with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, disposable protective aprons) and frequent hand washing is reminded at all times.  
•    Hand sanitizing stations are placed for our guests around public areas

Physical distance
•    In order to remind guests and employees, the need το maintain appropriate  social distance and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, our hotel is  using  floor signage and informative posters at the front desk and all public spaces
•    Furthermore, restaurants as well as bars, lounge and pool tables are arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols
•    The hotel has chosen approved for use disinfectants effective against bacteria and viruses and appropriate for SARS- CoV-2.

Guest rooms
•    Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols are used to clean guest rooms with attention to high touched surfaces such us, remote controls, door and furniture handles, light switches.
•    Steam cleaners are used for the disinfection of fabric surfaces such us sofas, chairs.
•    In bathrooms, in addition to all common surfaces, high touched items such as towel and paper handles, light switches are disinfected.
•    All decorative items are suspended.
•    Housekeeping trolleys are sanitized after each shift.
•    The room cleaning and linen changing is reduced, according to Greece’s Health Protocols.  Room cleaning, bed linen and towel change are performed every 4 days for minimal contact between guests and staff. A turn-down service is available every 2 days. This frequency can be altered in case of justified request of guests.
•    The entrance of external guests to the hotel rooms is not allowed. 
•    Air-condition in the rooms has individual  operation

Public areas
•    The hotel has increased the frequency of disinfection of all public areas with attention to  high touched surfaces
•    Steam cleaners used for the disinfection of fabric surfaces such us sofas, chairs. 
•    Dining tables, bar stools, chairs etc   are disinfected after each use
•    Touchless public garbage bins are available in public areas for disposable of one usage sanitary equipment.
•    Increased cleaning frequency is also implemented in all employees areas (storage areas, laundry, food preparation areas, stuff offices)
•    Air Conditioning Cleaning, according to governmental protocols
•    Group activities and events are reduced in order to avoid crowding.
•    Massage or other facilities by non members of our stuff are not allowed.
•    Sitting in lobby-public areas according protocols distances

Front office desk
•    Check out time: till  11h00 / Check in time :after  15h00
•    Guests are requested to give personal information (address, telephone number, email) during check in  as a registration form , for public health protection and the possible need of tracing 
•    All key cards are disinfected prior use and placed within the key disposable card folder.
•    Working surfaces & Shared Equipment are disinfected during and after each shift.
•    A complete medical kit is available at front office which contains all personal protective equipment
•    The guests are informed for the services that are officially suspended due toCOVID-19 or altered to minimize risk. 

Restaurant services
•    A hand disinfection stand is placed in every restaurant entrance.
•    The buffet will be served only by our team members
•    Linen napkin service is suspended and replaced by one usage paper napkin
•    Set up of table is completed upon guest’s arrival.
•    When possible, individual packaged serving items are used.
•    Show cooking is enhanced ( open kitchen)
•    Tables are arranged with appropriate physical distancing between guests

Food Safety:
•    At our hotel, food handlers and supervisors are trained on safe food preparation and service practice according to HACCP principles.

Mini market:
       Due to corona virus and the safety protocols the mini market operation is suspended.

Pool Operation
•    According to Greece’s Safety Protocols, the max number of person in the pool is 1per5m2. .
•    Lounge chairs and tables are arranged with appropriate physical distance and  are disinfected  after each use,
•    Sunbeds and umbrellas are available , free of charge, only around the hotel premises
•    Pool towels are provided to guests upon request with extra charge
•    Sunbeds covers ( short use )  are provided with extra charge

Gym room
•    Gym facilities are available by appointment
•    Utensils and gym organs are disinfected after each use.

Suppliers of goods & services
•    All our Contractors and suppliers of goods and services follow similar Safety Protocols measures.
•    No access is allowed within the hotel, all goods are received at the entrance of hotel’s receiving area.

Action plan for suspected COVID-19 cases
•    The hotel has in place an action plan in case of COVID-19 suspected cases of guests or stuff member which complies with Greece’s Hotel protocols and legislation.