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Our main concern at Geraniotis Hotel & Resort is the protection of the planet and the promotion of equal human rights in our corporate environment. Our philosophy for sustainable tourism focuses on environmental, economic and social responsibility. In order to raise awareness, sustain, and strengthen our environment in harmony with the local community of Chania, we constantly focus on smooth cooperation with all stakeholders and the creation of a functional team. As a result of our continuous effort, we have been awarded the Green Key ecological consistency label of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature.


The protection and preservation of the natural environment of Chania and the municipality of Platanias, in particular, is a key priority of Geraniotis Hotel & Resort. Taking into account the fundamental goals of sustainable development, the hotel & resort has established specific policies in an ongoing effort to improve its operation in order to achieve better results. 

Maintaining ecological balance depends on each of us. With a high sense of responsibility and recognizing that the preservation of the environment and hence its transmission to future generations is a collective affair, we actively participate in green initiatives. 

Waste Management

Geraniotis Hotel & Resort implements a recycling program for plastic, glass, paper, metal, batteries, light bulbs, electrical appliances, and clothing. One of the main goals we set each year is to reduce the volume of our waste to a minimum and to find smart solutions for managing our daily operations.

Thinking Green

Actions such as participating in reforestation and beach cleaning initiatives are indicative of our commitment to work for a better environment. The establishment of ecological practices enhances environmental awareness among our employees and partners. Simultaneously, our main concern is the continuous investment in equipment, practices, and technologies that contribute to the reduction of energy and water consumption.

Some of the green initiatives are: 
  • Purchase and use of environmentally friendly materials and chemicals.
  • Informing and sensitizing employees about the impact of harmful materials on the environment.
  • Use of modern media that less burden on the environment and minimize paper consumption.
  • Recycling programs in cooperation with the local waste management body.
  • Replacement of ordinary halogen bulbs with LED bulbs.
  • Participation in the Blue Flag program of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature.